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a man has fallen for a man in LEGO City. изучаю русский язык. 🦅 мой судья: @justicekink peen 19 he/she, DNI if under 16

lobster tank

2020-01-01 14:35:33

good morning just pooped for the first time 👍 call me tony stark

How is this the first time I'm hearing about this

How is this the first time I'm hearing about this

The international implications of this post

The international implications of this post

man them lpungefly minibags are So expensive I thought they’d be around 40 but nah lol

Damn yall lmao I never should’ve hit that puberty button this sucks

yoi op lives in my mind rent free and makes me want to Win

watching anime is so much more fun with other people

NSFW /////// Slick omega bussy <<<<< Reed Richards stretching and tightening his hole at his will

made my mom watch YOI with me ✅ now making my dad watch YOI with me (captive audience)

@buckycap here u gay 💜

 @bucky's yellow hoodie in faws here u gay 💜

every day i lose my mind over the fact that hannibal was so fucking hurt n thought will betrayed him for the other side but in reality will was just conflicted and when he called him he Did choose him and would've ran away with hannibal but hannibal was <//3 by that point

bc hear me out i think hannibal could've kissed will in mizumono and stabbed him during the kiss, but if will kissed hannibal it would Change the plot n where they stand, like it could make hannibal process the fact that will did essentially end up choosing him over jack hm

idk if i've tweeted this before but i love the concept of will kissing hannibal during mizumono instead as an alternate, not stabby route. the idea of will kissing hannibal n then hannibal dropping the knife is Fun

please im screaming

please im screaming

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